Knowledgeable Cigar Ambassadors located Nationwide and will travel!

Corporate Clients - Events up to 1000 guests or more!

"it's not about the cigar- it's about the experience"

For over 10 years The Cigar Guys have been the trusted Cigar Partner for major corporations, luxury event planners, non-profits and over 1000 brides and grooms.


Our Nationwide Ambassador team is focused on ensuring that your guests have a great cigar experience- helping match the right cigar for their taste  while chatting about cigars, tobacco and the cigar lifestyle!  For an added show, treat your guests to a Master Cigar Roller demonstrating the art of hand rolling cigars right in front of them- a great cigar makes a great party!

Started from a blog, The Cigar Guys has grown to be the largest Cigar Event company in the country, hosting events for corporate clients including Google and Oakley in California, CNN in New York and Versace of Atlanta.  “Cigars make the perfect addition to every event”, says Founder and CEO Alex Lukoff.  “We’ve celebrated with baby showers, school fundraisers, bar mitzvah’s and over 1000 weddings- there’s never a bad time to have a cigar!”

What people around the world love about cigars isn't the tobacco or the artistry of the rolling- it's bonding over a cigar with your friends, relatives, or business associates, while being served by a friendly, engaging, knowledgeable Cigar Ambassador.  If your guest only smokes 3 - 5 cigars per year at special events and celebrations, make sure that your event is the one they remember!

“It’s not about the cigar- it’s about the experience”, says Lukoff.  “Most people don’t remember the first cigar the smoke, but they remember who they were with and what they were doing.  It’s our goal to make sure that our client’s guests remember their event!”




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