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For over 12 years The Cigar Guys have been the trusted Cigar Partner for major corporations, luxury event planners, non-profits and over 1000 brides and grooms. Our reputation has been built on professional reliability, five-star customer service, and thousands of individual great cigar experiences!
We are passionate about sharing the sophistication and class of cigar smoking with event guests from coast to coast. Cigars bring people together, and we love helping people discover the unique flavors and craftsmanship of premium cigars.Our full line of premium cigars, hand-made in our factory in Esteli, Nicaragua are of the highest quality, specifically blended to be smooth and easy-to-smoke for first-time smokers, while flavorful and complex for the aficionado.

Alex Lukoff


The founder of The Cigar Guys, Alex Lukoff, has always had an appreciation for cigars. Growing up, whenever there was a special occasion his family always marked the get-together by finishing the evening with a cigar, and Alex quickly came to associate cigars with friends, family and celebrations. As he got older, cigars marked every college party, professional accomplishment, wedding, and all other life milestones. Through celebration Alex became immersed in cigar smoking, trying different blends and developing his palette, while gaining a reputation with his friends as "the cigar guy". Wherever cigars went, good times, conversation and stories always followed.
After moving to Los Angeles from Seattle, Alex decided to start a blog called The Cigar Guys as a place to share his experiences meeting new people and smoking new cigars in new locations in his new home of Southern California. As his relationships grew, so did readership, including a recurring column in a national cigar magazine.

One day a Luxury Real Estate company contacted Alex through his blog, asking if he could provide cigars and a cigar roller at one of their luxury apartment community resident appreciation events - always the salesman, Alex said yes and went to work figuring out how to serve the client!Partnering with a local cigar family and Nicaraguan manufacturer, the event was a huge success and Alex saw the extreme interest from the event guests in watching the roller and trying a cigar. He had always liked introducing friends to their first cigar, but after lighting the first dozen cigars for brand-new smokers and feeling the infectious enthusiasm of the guests, Alex witnessed that when it comes to parties, "It's not about the cigar, it's about the experience".

From Passion.. To Project.. To Perfection.

After some research, Alex saw that there was the need for an upscale, professional, guest-experience and service focused cigar event company that could introduce the new smoker to the pleasure of cigar smoking while providing the client with a smooth, professional booking experience, with the reliability that people depend on from a professional vendor.Solidifying the relationship with his Nicaraguan partners, he launched a website and began to serve events across SoCal. Slowly but surely, he served more events until requests started coming in from from Northern California, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and across the country.
We declined over and over, until we had to address the demand and began to build our relationships with Cigar Ambassadors and Cigar Rollers across the country. These "Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf" are experienced cigar lovers who are passionate about sharing the joy and camaraderie of cigars with new smokers, and love sharing their knowledge of cigars and tobacco.As The Cigar Guys Family grew, so did our clientele and we are proud to have served clients from major corporations such as Google, Oakley, Louis Vuitton and SAP for events ranging from sales conferences to holiday promotions, celebrity birthday parties and Hollywood events, while staying accessible for backyard birthday parties, small weddings, non-profit fundraisers and everything from baby showers to golf tournaments.
After 10 years the business had grown to where Alex needed a partner - and met his wife Rachel on the smoking patio at a local watering hole. Married in 2015, she quickly took on a role in sales and management and with her focus on growing The Cigar Guys brand the company grew to serve over 300 events per year.As the company's volume of cigars grew and the Lukoffs spent more time in Nicaragua, they worked closely with Master Blenders Don Cruz and Leopoldo Lovo to develop their own line of premium cigars - flavorful and easy to smoke, crafted to be complex enough to satisfy the aficionado, while balanced, creamy and smooth to cater to the first-time smoker. The company launched it's own label in 2018 based on the feedback from tens of thousands of event guests.

The Cigar Guys continue to grow serving more and more events and expanding in to more territories as we seek to be the best-known cigar vendors in the event community while building the reputation of our cigars and factory Nationwide and across the globe!

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