Live Cigar Rolling & Cigar Bars

Celebrate Your Wedding
With A Cigar!

Celebrating your wedding with a cigar will be on everyone's mind, and our friendly, knowledgeable Cigar Ambassador will be there to help ensure that your guests have a personal cigar experience and a great memory!

Live Cigar Rolling
or Cigar Bar

If you and your guests are the type to smoke once per year - or once in your life - make it your wedding!

Guest Service

We put your guests' experience first and focus on making sure everyone enjoys themselves!

Celebrate In Style

Nothing makes your wedding more memorable than a set of custom cigar bands with your brand!

Create A Memory

Cigars are part of a celebration and part of wedding culture. You'll be surprised who lights up!

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Don't worry about a company that can't provide insurance for your venue or doesn't seem professional.Don't buy a box of cigars for no one (or one person) to take themYou have enough to worry about - don't let the cigars be one more thing!

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