Factory Membership

$12.99 / month with a 3-month free trial and a $34.99 sign-up fee

Our Factory Membership delivers one cigar a month, right to your door. At checkout you’ll pay $34.99 and get a cigar a month, for the first 3 months. After that your account is charged $12.99/mo. for monthly cigars- no obligation!



Our Factory Membership entitles you to one Premium Nicaraguan cigar per month, blended by our Master Blender Don Cruz using tobacco from the volcanic soil of our Nicaraguan Estates and delivered straight from our Factory!

We make our own cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua where Don Cruz is working hard to blend together complex, flavorful cigars that are accessible for every smoking background. Our cigars have been enjoyed by celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, and over 1,000 weddings by seasoned aficionados and first-time smokers alike.
Included in each shipment will be a blend card to guide you through your unique cigar experience.

This gift is perfect for both the avid weekly or daily smoking aficionado who wants to try new and hard to find boutique cigars, but also great for the occasional cigar enthusiast who can share them with friends and expand their smoking palate with new cigars and a tasting guide!
Let us share our passion for quality cigars for just one small celebration per month!